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Tooting Our Own Horn

© 2015
© 2015

One of my favorite quotes comes from Senator Robert (“Bob”) Dole when he was running for President. In one of the Republican debates he made the following comment:

“If you don’t tooteth your own horn it won’t be tootethed”*

In many respects there is no truer quote. So, today we toot our own horn. Continue reading Tooting Our Own Horn

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Wishing you and yours a Wonderful and Blessed Holiday Season. We hope you have time to spend with loved ones during this season to share the bonds of friendship and love, to reminisce upon past memories, to share new stories and joys, and to look forward to a happy and prosperous New Year. You all reside in our hearts and are constantly in our thoughts and prayers.





Simplehuman – Simply the Best!


Very seldom do I get excited about something and I never endorse products. Any advertisements placed on this blog are put here by WordPress so they can make a few bucks off my work. It’s rather irritating but I agreed to their terms and conditions when I started this blog. This is a food blog so I try to keep it focused on food. With this post, however, I am making the only exception to my unwritten rule.

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Jack & Sam – Royal Dogs of the McGary family

© 2014
© 2014 – newborn coton babies

Not a food post but we’re proud to introduce our newest members of the family, Jack Earle (pronounced Early) Frost and Sam Elmo’s Fyre, born August 29, 2014. Sam is the one on top. They are Coton de Tulear- “the Royal Dog of Madagascar.” When they are fully grown they will be 12″ tall, 18″ long,15 lb bundles of long flowing white hair, mustache and beard. They do not shed, are hypoallergenic, easily trained (they use them as circus dogs) and have a wonderful disposition. They will come home with us around Halloween and everyone is very excited to have them home. Of course, there is a lot of work to do to make the house puppy proof and puppy ready. 😮

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