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Butter Poached Lobster Tails

Butter Poached Lobster Tails

Baby Lady and I love lobster. When we went to Maine recently to visit our youngest son, we ate lobster every day we were there. It was lobsterlicious. Nevertheless, variety is the spice of life. So, when we returned from Maine we didn’t eat lobster for a while opting for a variety of other proteins. Well, that ended last night. Can you say umami? Are you hungry?
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Grilled Lobster with Cilantro-Chile-Lime Butter

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How can you go wrong with lobster and compound butter? You really can’t. This is a fabulous dinner that is definitely worth a try. It is quick and easy enough to make for a weeknight meal but best for one of those special weekend nights. Continue reading Grilled Lobster with Cilantro-Chile-Lime Butter

Pasta with Lobster Infused Coconut Butter & Crab

This is one of those dishes that come from having a delicious leftover ingredient with which you have no use and don’t want to waste it. It came about from the Lobster poached in coconut butter I made for dinner one night.  The lobster was silky smooth and tender from having poached for 50 minutes leaving behind a glorious lobster infused coconut butter.  There was no way I was throwing it away. I love leftovers like this. Continue reading Pasta with Lobster Infused Coconut Butter & Crab

Coconut Butter-Poached Lobster Tail with Galangal and Lime

Baby Lady and I love Hawaii.  Her sister lives in Honolulu so we try to go over there whenever we can.  The food, especially the seafood, is remarkable.  We always go to my favorite local fish monger, Tamashiro Fish Market, buy some of their poke and some other fresh fish for fixin later.  I keep threatening to rent an apartment over the store.  My sister-in-law and her friend Ann know we like to cook and we try to cook for them when we are there.  After our last visit, they sent us an autographed book, The Blue Tomato by Alan Wong with Arnold Hiura.  This recipe comes from The Blue Tomato.  It is an absolutely wonderful dish, although (as you will see) a little complex to make.  The lobster is silky smooth, juicy and tender like you won’t believe with a beautiful coconut, lime flavor.  If you want something challenging but well worth the effort, give this a try.  If you do, make sure you save the remaining poaching broth as it makes an unbelievable pasta dish which I will posting next. Oh, I also forgot to tell you this dish and the pasta dish following, especially the pasta dish, is a heart attack waiting to happen,…but it is sooo good! Continue reading Coconut Butter-Poached Lobster Tail with Galangal and Lime