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Chocolate Ribeye Steak

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Chocolate steak? Really? I know you can cook but this sounds too strange to be any good. And you’re wasting a wonderful Ribeye Steak, too. I’ll try it but… Those were all the swirling thoughts running around in my son Matt’s head as we were discussing the night’s dinner. Matt (like all of the other children) knows I try a lot of different things and eat a lot of different things, some of which he really doesn’t like, i.e. Sea Urchin.  He also knows he likes some of the offbeat things we feed him, i.e. Tofu.

This all came about because of a challenge he had given Baby Lady and me. You see, Matt lives in Amarillo and had told his friends Baby Lady and I could really cook. He was coming to DFW with some of his friends and wanted an Iron Chef competition between Baby Lady and me. He was going to provide us with the secret ingredient and we were going to fix a 3 course meal using the secret ingredient as the prime ingredient in all of the courses. He and his friends were to be the judges. (Not a bad gig if you can get it, huh?) Even though we have an above average size kitchen, it’s simply not big enough for a 1 hour competition with Baby Lady and I fighting for range and oven space. Also, someone would have to loose and one of us would have been sleeping on the couch. So, we politely declined. Instead, we told him he could select the ingredient, tell us beforehand what it was so we could go to the grocery store to stock the kitchen and we would fix his friends and him a multi-course meal using his selected ingredient as the main ingredient for the night’s dinner. He agreed. Continue reading Chocolate Ribeye Steak