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Filet of Sole Roulade Lightly Stuffed with Breadcrumbs

Baby Lady & I don’t eat a lot of red meat, primarily for diet and health reasons. Generally, we eat veggies, seafood and some chicken. When the children come home or when we entertain friends we will prepare beef, pork, lamb, etc. Because we restrict our diet and hate to eat the same thing frequently we are always looking for and trying different meals. The other day when shopping at the market we found some beautiful sole filets. We love the flakiness of sole and it’s mild flavor.  Coupled with lemon and capers it is a wonderful entree. This is what we fixed.  It’s a beautiful and delicate meal. The sole is flaky, moist and full of flavor.  Try it. Continue reading Filet of Sole Roulade Lightly Stuffed with Breadcrumbs

Pasta with Lobster Infused Coconut Butter & Crab

This is one of those dishes that come from having a delicious leftover ingredient with which you have no use and don’t want to waste it. It came about from the Lobster poached in coconut butter I made for dinner one night.  The lobster was silky smooth and tender from having poached for 50 minutes leaving behind a glorious lobster infused coconut butter.  There was no way I was throwing it away. I love leftovers like this. Continue reading Pasta with Lobster Infused Coconut Butter & Crab

Chocolate Ribeye Steak

© 2012

Chocolate steak? Really? I know you can cook but this sounds too strange to be any good. And you’re wasting a wonderful Ribeye Steak, too. I’ll try it but… Those were all the swirling thoughts running around in my son Matt’s head as we were discussing the night’s dinner. Matt (like all of the other children) knows I try a lot of different things and eat a lot of different things, some of which he really doesn’t like, i.e. Sea Urchin.  He also knows he likes some of the offbeat things we feed him, i.e. Tofu.

This all came about because of a challenge he had given Baby Lady and me. You see, Matt lives in Amarillo and had told his friends Baby Lady and I could really cook. He was coming to DFW with some of his friends and wanted an Iron Chef competition between Baby Lady and me. He was going to provide us with the secret ingredient and we were going to fix a 3 course meal using the secret ingredient as the prime ingredient in all of the courses. He and his friends were to be the judges. (Not a bad gig if you can get it, huh?) Even though we have an above average size kitchen, it’s simply not big enough for a 1 hour competition with Baby Lady and I fighting for range and oven space. Also, someone would have to loose and one of us would have been sleeping on the couch. So, we politely declined. Instead, we told him he could select the ingredient, tell us beforehand what it was so we could go to the grocery store to stock the kitchen and we would fix his friends and him a multi-course meal using his selected ingredient as the main ingredient for the night’s dinner. He agreed. Continue reading Chocolate Ribeye Steak

Spaghetti with Broccoli, Crushed Red Pepper and Feta Cheese

Baby Lady has pointed out I haven’t posted any recipes for Pasta as of yet. The fact the blog is only 3 days old did not deter her.  So, this recipe is for the Baby Lady and the special place she holds in my heart.  Also, if I don’t post it she is going to continually remind me I have yet to post a pasta recipe. 😀

This recipe is one of Baby Lady’s favorites and is taken from Sarah Moulton’s Sara’s Weeknight Meals, Episode 201, with minor adaptation (I’m an equal opportunity plagiarizer and gladly help myself to other people’s ideas and recipes.  How else do we learn?). It is a wonderful, easy and quick pasta dish using feta cheese and is relatively inexpensive. The salty tanginess of the feta blends beautifully with the chicken broth and pasta. For those who must have some type of meat protein in their meal, you can add some roasted chicken pieces to the recipe but it really doesn’t need it. This is a full flavored meal that is delectable and satisfying. Continue reading Spaghetti with Broccoli, Crushed Red Pepper and Feta Cheese

Seafood File Gumbo

Seafood File Gumbo

When I was a young man I worked and lived in Louisiana just southeast of New Orleans in Houma past the Intercoastal Canal.  It changed my life and the way I cook.  The people were friendly, spoke in an odd language (using words like fais do do and coo-yôn), liked to party and had all kinds of festivals, i.e. The Crawfish Festival in Chalmette, Lagniappe on the Bayou in Chauvin, The Shrimp Festival in Delcambre, and, of course, Mardi Gras in New Orleans. The scenery was beautiful and the food was wonderfully unique using predominantly local foods, i.e. seafood, beef, pork, alligator, various game birds and meat and lots of cayenne pepper and Tabasco Sauce with names like gumbos, crawfish pie, blackened fish, and jambalaya.  At times it was hard to believe I was still in the United States.  Regardless, I fell in love with Louisiana and her food. This is my recipe for Seafood File Gumbo that I have worked on for years. I won’t tell you this is the best Seafood File Gumbo you will ever eat because Cajun cooks are very proud people.  Each one of them thinks s/he makes the very best Seafood File Gumbo. What I will tell you is that everyone I have ever served this Seafood File Gumbo (including native Louisianans, oil field workers, restaurant chefs, friends and my children) has asked for more and most wanted the recipe. In fact, every time I make this recipe and word gets out about it I get requests to come over for dinner. I hope you like it and am pretty confident you will. 🙂 Oh and by the way, that is one VERY large oyster in this bowl of gumbo. Just call me a fortunate son. 😀 Continue reading Seafood File Gumbo



I like Mexican Food. As a young boy, my family traveled in Mexico for family vacations. I still remember the sites and smells of the various places we went; the street taco stands, tamale vendors and men walking the streets with live cabritos hanging in a bunch over their shoulders. The food was always wonderfully aromatic, full of spice and loaded with carbs.  As I got older, at first, the carbs seemed to hang with me; now they seem to hang on me.  As a result, we don’t eat a lot of Mexican food anymore.  Nonetheless, there is always that hankerin for some good ole Mexican food.  While there are several taquerias near the house, inasmuch as Baby Lady is from El Paso we try to cook Mexican food at home.  This recipe was my Mexican food fix and the downfall of my diet and healthy lifestyle, at least for a day.

Continue reading Carnitas

Eggplant Parmesan Rolls with Swiss Chard and Fresh Mint

We have a small garden in our backyard that provides us lots of pleasure. We grow, among other things, Aubergine Eggplant (the large dark purple ones found at your local grocer) and Swiss Chard (both red and green). We also have an abundant supply of mint in separate container (if you plant it in the ground it will take over everything). This is a recipe we stumbled across one day that allowed us to use our garden as the primary food supplier.  It is a wonderful recipe and satisfies Baby Lady’s vegetarian needs. Continue reading Eggplant Parmesan Rolls with Swiss Chard and Fresh Mint