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Roasted Split Chicken with Mustard Crust

Cooking Time 35 minutes; Serves 4

Part of the joy of food and cooking is watching TV cooking shows.  Like everything else, some are really good.  Some are not so good.  Some inspire me to cook something new, try different techniques or experience different flavor combinations. This is a wonderful Jacque Pepin recipe we saw while watching TV at my Dad’s house one Sunday afternoon.  It looked so good we simply had to try it. We have shared this recipe with several of our friends who have raved about it, too.  Not only is this lick the plate delicious but it’s easy and quick for weeknight meals.

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Stuffed Roasted Red Chile a la Richard

We were at the market shopping when we found these fabulous, fresh red Anaheim peppers. We simply could not resist the urge to buy them because they were so beautiful and would make such a pretty dish. So, we bought them having no idea what we would do with them.

We got home and discussed what to do and both agreed roasting the peppers seemed the way to go.  I fired up the gas grill and let it do its thing.

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