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Grilled Salmon with Roasted Corn Salsa

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The weather has been beautiful of late. Bright blue skies, sunny with temperatures in the upper 70s. It’s at times like these when the primal instincts take over. It’s ideal time for grilling and spending time outside. Continue reading Grilled Salmon with Roasted Corn Salsa

Herb Crusted Salmon with Arugula Citrus Pistou and Grape Tomatoes

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Tonight’s dinner was fresh, creamy yet bright; in perfect harmony. All is good with the world and I must share my treasure with you. Continue reading Herb Crusted Salmon with Arugula Citrus Pistou and Grape Tomatoes

Whole Fillet of Salmon with Pomegranate Glaze

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Several years ago I bought Baby Lady a Pomegranate Tree. When she asked, I remembered when I was a young boy and would walk to my grandmother’s house. On the way to her house there was a family that had a large Pomegranate tree in the front yard. This family was friends of my grandmother. I knew better than to go into their yard and pick the fruit off of their tree as I was taught it was impolite without asking. Anyway, Grandmother always had fresh pomegranates from her friends so there really was no need. The tree was prolific. I always loved to see the tree in the fall full of lush red fruit and I couldn’t wait for Grandmother to have some fresh fruit from her friends. So, when Baby Lady asked me for a Pomegranate tree I didn’t bat an eyelash. She wanted it, we got it. Plain and simple. My love of pomegranates had nothing to do with it. I planted it in the back by the driveway out of view of unscrupulous fruit pickers. Then we anxiously awaited each year to see if it would bear fruit. We watched it blossom with the beautiful reddish orange blossoms and the fruit would start but it never made it to ripeness. Part of the problem was the yardmen who always seemed to knock off the fruit. The other problem was the tree was still young. Last year we thought we were going to get some to ripeness but they mysteriously disappeared. GRRR.  This year we finally got fruit. Joy oh joy!!! In celebration of being able to harvest we fixed this dish. Continue reading Whole Fillet of Salmon with Pomegranate Glaze

Jalapeño Gravlax

Inasmuch as Baby Lady wanted me to post the Smoked Salmon Pizza recipe, I thought it also best to post this recipe on how to make Gravlax.  We put our spin on it by adding jalapeños which, obviously, are not included in traditional gravlax. 🙂 It’s pretty tasty and we hope you like it. Continue reading Jalapeño Gravlax

Smoked Salmon Pizza

Baby Lady has been asking me what is the rhyme or reason as to why I post the recipes I post. Of course, there is none. I post what I feel like posting but she wanted me to post another Jacque Pepin recipe she loves. It’s a recipe for Smoked Salmon (aka Gravlax) Pizza. This is a wonderful appetizer that your guests will absolutely love. Even better, it’s simple, simple, simple. It would even make a nice light lunch. We have served this to many of our guests and have shared the recipe with several of our friends. All the responses are very positive.

Continue reading Smoked Salmon Pizza