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Board Meeting Politics & Serious Pork

© 2014
© 2014 – Handcrafted by 2 Wooden Horses, County Wicklow, Ireland

Isn’t this a beautiful cutting board??? I’m still in awe over it. Also, like most things on the blog, there is a story behind it – a board meeting story full of politics and apportionment of pork.

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Seared Scallops with Minute Sauce

© 2013
© 2013

These look pretty darn tasty, don’t they? We love scallops. They are creamy, briny, tender and meaty all at the same time. Done right, they are a sweet, simple treat and the real star of almost any meal. They were definitely the star of this meal.

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Quick, Easy and Tasty Fat Free Potato Chips??????

© 2013
© 2013

I guess today is a 2fer day. I have a fabulous appetizer to share with you today but before I do I need to share this amazing trick. Good fat free potato chips. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever put “good” with “fat free potato chips.” Live and learn. If I’m late to the party, then you will just have to forgive me but these really are good and soooo simple to make.

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How to Peel Tomatoes

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© 2013

Having cooked in various capacities and for over 40 years I tend to take certain things for granted. I think we all do. We don’t mean to do so but we all get so accustomed to doing what we do that we forget someone may not know how to do that which we think is simple.  We forget that someone had to teach us the most basic of things. Hence, the reason for this post. Continue reading How to Peel Tomatoes

Pumpkin Puree

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Why in the world would you want to make your own pumpkin puree? I mean, they sell it in cans at the grocery store, you know the same place they sell the fresh pumpkins you want to kill and cook to make fresh pumpkin puree. Chefs and home cooks rave about the convenience of canned pumpkin. Why in the world should I bother with my own? Continue reading Pumpkin Puree