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Baby Lady’s Banana Bread

© 2012

This recipe is for Baby Lady’s deliciously, moist, banana bread. Baby Lady will tell you that this bread is the best tasting, moistest banana bread you will ever eat and it’s not dense and doughy. It really is a great bread. Continue reading Baby Lady’s Banana Bread

Cornmeal Biscuits with Chipotle Chiles and Cheddar Cheese

Have you ever experienced walking through the market, seeing the magazine in the magazine rack with the magazine cover depicting some stunning entree, side, cake, bread, etc. that you knew you simply had to try?  This is one of those recipes. Baby Lady and I were shopping at our local market when, while checking out, I noticed a Bon Appetit magazine on the magazine rack.  The cover was a tall stack of biscuits that initially grabbed my attention.  Because we had purchased a lot of food that day I had time to check out the magazine a little further.  When I saw Chipotle Chiles and Cheddar Cheese I knew I had to fix it.  So I bought the magazine, baked the recipe and used Daniel as the guinea pig. These are really good and worth trying. Continue reading Cornmeal Biscuits with Chipotle Chiles and Cheddar Cheese