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Cioppino is an Italian American classic. While many people believe the dish originated in Italy, it actually originated in San Francisco and was made famous in the 1850s by Genoese immigrant Giuseppe Bazzuro and his abandoned ship turned Italian restaurant bearing his name. Originally, the dish was a purée of cooked vegetables and leftover fish scraps. Over the years, it has transformed into a luscious stew using local delectable shell fish such as dungeness crab, briny prawns, and sweet small shrimp, along with heaps of clams, mussels, and chunks of flaky fish. All of this is simmered with lots of tomatoes and wine. Continue reading Cioppino

Spicy Paprika Cauliflower Soup with Dumplings

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One of the food magazines Baby Lady & I read is Saveur. I have a Zinio subscription which is delivered directly to my PC, my MacBook and my iPad. It’s great on the iPad because if I ever want to cook a recipe from it the iPad is so Portable and takes up so little counter space. When I received the November 2011 Saveur magazine, in an article, The Art of Soup, Baby Lady noticed the recipe for Karfiolleves (Paprika Spiced Cauliflower Soup with Dumplings), a traditional Hungarian soup. As it should be, soup making is serious business in Hungary. Most meals in Hungary begin with a soup and cauliflower is a common soup ingredient. Continue reading Spicy Paprika Cauliflower Soup with Dumplings

Pear Soup with Bacon Crumbles & Blue Cheese

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This is a delicate, beautiful, sweet yet savory soup. It is the perfect balance between sweet and savory. You have a hint of sweetness from the pear and maple syrup contrasted with the savoriness of the bacon, blue cheese, stock, veggies and herbs. It is bowl licking delicious! You can serve it as a starter for chicken, pork, and milder fish. It combines beautifully at lunch with with cold cut sandwiches, or you can simply eat it by itself. Try it and you will see it is one of those WOW moments in dining. Continue reading Pear Soup with Bacon Crumbles & Blue Cheese