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Baby’s Grouper Ceviche

© 2012

Given the temperate climate we have been having in Texas throughout the winter, we haven’t made a lot of soups, stews or hardy meals. Although the months have flown by, the seasons have more or less remained the same, except we are not being brutalized by searing heat. As such, we are still eating light, crisp meals we would typically eat in the Spring, Fall and Summer. Today was ceviche. Baby makes a pretty mean ceviche. Continue reading Baby’s Grouper Ceviche

Watermelon, Avocado, Shrimp Salad

The 2011 Texas Heat Wave was one of the worst ever on record with DFW experiencing 40 consecutive days over 100 degrees F and more than 70 days over 100 degrees F.  There were rolling brown-outs because of the demand placed upon the electrical grid. Drought conditions made wild fires sweep across the state. Trying to find ways to beat the heat and stay cool was always a chore.  Cooking inside raised the house temperature while grilling outside was unbearable.  Then I stumbled across this simple and refreshing Watermelon, Avocado and Shrimp Salad.  You should try this on a hot summer afternoon with a nice glass of fresh squeezed lemonade. Serves 4.

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