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Jalapeños en Escabeche

© 2012

Super Bowl Nachos! It’s that time of year and the diet goes out the window. It’s been doing that of late. Tasty little treats with crispy tortilla chips, sharp cheddar cheese and Jalapeños en Escabeche. This recipe for pickled jalapeños is the best I have ever eaten and is what makes these Super Bowl Nachos, among other remarkably tasty treats. 🙂

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Pickled Chipotle Chiles

I am a Chilehead and I make no apologies about it. You know you’re a Chilehead If:

  • You don’t have to worry about your roommates stealing your food
  • Your Chile recipe is in violation of more than one nuclear weapons proliferation treaty
  • Your used kleenex tissues glow in the dark
  • Your kitchen utensils were designed and built by NASA
  • You’re tired of people asking about those dried Thai chiles floating around in your breakfast cereal
  • Your pepper garden is visible from the Moon
  • You have to file an environmental impact statement every time you make a batch of salsa.
  • You throw a scrap of food to the dog and he looks at you as if to say “you must think I’m an idiot”
  • More than half of the souvenirs from that last tropical vacation were hot sauces and spices
  • You can correctly spell and pronounce chipotle and capsicum, and you know to which food group they belong. Continue reading Pickled Chipotle Chiles