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Blueberry and Basil Ice Creams

© 2012

Leap Day births, deaths and anniversaries are just odd. In fact, Leap Day is odd. Although the years continue to pass Leap Day events can only be celebrated, honored, remembered or revered once every four years. Continue reading Blueberry and Basil Ice Creams

Pignoli Cookies

© 2012

As I previously stated, we don’t eat a lot of desserts, not that we don’t like sweets because we do. We just consume our calories in different ways. Nevertheless, a cookie is always welcome. Pignoli cookies are one of the most classic Italian American cookies, and it is one of the easiest to make. Continue reading Pignoli Cookies

Chocolate Cinnamon Gelato with Toffee Bits

Because she loves me a lot, for Father’s Day several years ago, Baby Lady bought me a Lello Musso Lussino Ice Cream machine like the one originally used on the Iron Chef Japan.

It’s built like a tank, weighs a ton and has its own permanent place on the countertop because we aint movin it. It works like a champ, is easy to use, has its own freezer and turns out 1.5 qts of the best ice cream in about 40 minutes hassle free.

As I was playing with the machine, trying different recipes and combinations of flavors, I chanced upon this recipe for Chocolate Cinnamon Gelato with Toffee bits. This is a silky smooth, luscious, Italian ice cream with tremendous depth of flavor and character. The first time I made it, I got 1 tablespoon and Baby Lady didn’t even get the chance to taste it. Instead, our youngest son, Daniel, (while a budding teenager and growing boy) found it. Before you could say lickity split, Daniel ate the entire 1.5 qts (less one tablespoon), licked the container and washed it so as to hide the evidence. If you’re in the mood for a rich chocolate experience, give this a try. Daniel highly recommends it. Continue reading Chocolate Cinnamon Gelato with Toffee Bits