7 X 7 Link Award

Wow! They say things come in bunches and I guess they are right.  Assia, an expat lawyer living in Singapore and creator of Assia’s Kaleidoscope, graciously nominated me for this award. If you haven’t checked out Assia’s site, you need to. Her photos are beautiful both in composition and creativity. I wish my photos were half as nice as hers. Her recipes are really nice, too. It was very sweet of her to nominate me for this award and I am very honored that she selected me to pass on this award.

By accepting this award, I am to:

  • Thank the nominating blogger, and link to their blog;
  • List 7 random facts about me;
  • List 7 of my posts in 7 different categories (categories listed below); and
  • Nominate 7 more bloggers.

Here I go:

7 Random Facts About Me:

I spent part of the time composing this post in the stairwell closet because DFW was apparently tornado alley earlier today. It was cramped, uncomfortable and hot. Thankfully, it’s all clear now and there was no damage.

I absolutely love music and am a die-hard romantic. Ask the Baby Lady.

I like kitchen gadgets of all kinds.

I won’t let anyone burn candles in our house, including the Baby Lady, because of what I do for a living investigating product liability fires and seeing numerous candle fires. I even installed the Aga Legacy 44 range in our kitchen in an enclave surrounded by tumblestone because it is not combustible and not a fire hazard. The whole family thinks I am weird.

I shoot all the food photos with a Sony A580 with a Minolta 50 mm 1:2.8 Macro lens with no touchups because I don’t have a clue how to use Photoshop.

Although I have lived 56 of my 57 years in Texas, I was born in Madison, Wisconsin and absolutely adore cheese.

Baby Lady calls me “Sweetie Man” cuz she loves me. Aw…aint she cute?

7 Posts in Different Categories:

Most Beautiful: Tuna Tartare with Coconut Yuzu Kosho and Coconut Leche de Tigre. This is actually one of my favorite recipes on the site. I love tuna and really, really love caviar. This appetizer is beautiful and a real treat.

Most Surprisingly SuccessfulSpicy Paprika Cauliflower Soup with Dumplings. One of our very favorite soups, packed with flavor and nourishment.

Most ControversialGrilled Eggplant Zucchini Sandwich with Garlic Sun Dried Tomato Spread and Goat Cheese. This sandwich is unbelievably delicious but people won’t try it because it’s a veggie sandwich. If I were ever to start a diner or cafe, this would definitely be on the menu.

Most Pride WorthyAunt Ginny’s & Mom’s Modified Spinach Casserole. I include this one because it comes from two people in my life that were instrumental in my growing up and becoming who I am. I also miss them dearly. The recipe is really good, too.

Most UnderratedMussels with Chorizo & Red Chiles (Mejillones con chorizo al vapor en 6 chiles). Baby Lady adores mussels. It may well be her favorite food. She simply cannot get enough and this recipe has chiles to boot!

Most HelpfulPeeling a lot of Garlic. This one is included because it is just plain cool and it works!

Most PopularRoasted Cauliflower with Red Chile, Cilantro & Lime. This dish hands down is the most popular post I have made, both on REMCooks.com and Pinterest. It is absolutely amazing how popular this dish is. It’s also as good as it is popular but there are other recipes on REMCooks.com that we prefer. We also can’t eat cauliflower every day no matter how good it is. 😮

7 Blogger Nominations.

I  would like to nominate and pass this award on to the following bloggers:


domestic diva, M.D. she makes me laugh with her witty repartee

What to Cook? a wonderful site full of good ideas and very nice recipes.

While Chasing Kids a wonderful site with fabulous foods. I learn something every time I visit.

Soup, Stew & Stir fries a wonderful blog by a stay at home mom full of wonderful recipes.

theHungryIrishman a fun and insightful blog by an Irish chef full of good commentary and tips.

Back Road Journal a fabulous blog you really should check out. The recipes are divine and the photos are really nice, so is Karen, the creator of the blog.

Rantings of an Amateur Chef a wonderful blog full of good recipes and neat tips. Check him out.

Thanks again to Assia for the nomination and for all those who continue to read and support REMCooks.com. This is and has been a wonderful experience. I look forward to reading more and more articles and learning new recipes, tricks and tips.

8 thoughts on “7 X 7 Link Award”

  1. Richard,
    I love your food blog.
    Congratulations on your nomination.
    You deserve it.
    I am so proud to be part of your family.

  2. Richard, congratulations! You deserve it for the creative blogs and recipes (especially the mussels dish) . Thank you for mentioning my blog, which is still very much in its infancy, so it is much appreciated. Keep up the good work!

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