Garlicky Roasted Baby Red Potatoes

© 2012

I was talking to Dena (one of our legal assistants) yesterday about and going through some of the photos and recipes (she didn’t know I cooked, much less had a food blog :o). She looked at a few of the entrees but stopped when she saw one of the veggie recipes. “I really need some vegetable recipes” she commented as she was bookmarking the blog. I have found over the course of years that many people feel the same way. People always have a favorite main course or dessert but they are stymied when it comes to veggies. So I posted this veggie side dish. This vegetable side dish is is one of our favorites. We hope you give it a try.

I really like Hasselback Potatoes (also known as Potato Fans). You know, the Swedish version of baked potatoes popularized as the namesake dish of the Hasselbacken Hotel restaurant in Stockholm. The problem with Hasselback Potatoes is they use 1/2 lb russets, minimum. That is a lot of food, in and of itself. We like to have a meat/protein, a vegetable/salad and a starch perhaps a little sweetness at the end. So occupying a large part of the meal in potato is just too much food.  In my younger much more athletic days, 1/2 lb potato with dinner was no big deal. In fact, a 1 lb potato full of butter, salt and pepper, sour cream, cheese and chives topped with bacon crumbles was preferred. Alas, something happens when you grow older, less active and unfortunately wider. This recipe is my spin on the Sweedish classic using baby red potatoes, a small amount of olive oil misting spray, truffle salt and garlic, lots of garlic. These baby reds are perfect for an evening’s supper. Give this a try and let us know what you think.


  • 1 head garlic peeled (see peeling garlic tip here)
  • 12 Baby Red Potatoes
  • Olive Oil Misting Spray
  • 1 tsp Truffle salt
  • 1/2 tsp Fresh Ground Black Pepper


Slicing the potatoes. Get a wooden spoon (one sufficiently large enough to hold the baby red potato) and place the potato in the spoon.

© 2012

The lip of the spoon will keep you from cutting all of the way through the potato. Begin slicing the potato in 1/4 inch slices from end to end.

© 2012

When you’re done the potato will look something like the following

© 2012

Next stuff the potatoes with slices of garlic. Spray the potatoes with olive oil and sprinkle with truffle salt and black pepper.

© 2012

Place in a preheated 375 F oven and bake for 45 minutes. Remove from oven

© 2012

Serve 3 to a plate (4 if you’re hungry) and enjoy.

© 2012

9 thoughts on “Garlicky Roasted Baby Red Potatoes”

    1. Thanks. I’m glad you’re dropping by. I got the idea (and tip) from Sunny Anderson. Most people use chopsticks or small wooden dowels which will move on you. The spoon trick is stable and perfect for small potatoes. We added the truffle salt and oil. Both make a world of difference in flavor.

  1. I think these are my dream potatoes!!! I’m a truffle freak and (I have) one lone truffle left in a jar, hmmm would it be too indulgent to shave over some gorgeous spuds as you have with the truffle salt, lol! 🙂

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