Not Yo Mama’s Green Bean Casserole

© 2012

Sometimes the best laid schemes o mice and women gang aft a-gley, as this surely aint yo Mama’s green bean casserole. It also wasn’t what was originally planned. Nevertheless, sometimes mistakes produce the best dishes. This is one of those dishes and I assure you we will cook this as part of our annual Thanksgiving meal from now on. It really is that good. Continue reading Not Yo Mama’s Green Bean Casserole

Baby Lady’s Turkey Roll

© 2012

What a beautiful turkey. Hey! Where are the drumsticks and wings???? What about the breast???? This looks more like a beautiful pork roast than a turkey! What gives??? A whole lot of work and love. That’s what. Continue reading Baby Lady’s Turkey Roll

Pumpkin Puree

© 2012

Why in the world would you want to make your own pumpkin puree? I mean, they sell it in cans at the grocery store, you know the same place they sell the fresh pumpkins you want to kill and cook to make fresh pumpkin puree. Chefs and home cooks rave about the convenience of canned pumpkin. Why in the world should I bother with my own? Continue reading Pumpkin Puree

Sour Cream Pumpkin Pie

© 2012

Whew!!!! It’s over. We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and are now relaxing. We are. Thanksgiving is a lot of work. Because it was Thanksgiving, Baby Lady & I have been on a cooking spree for the last 6 days. In addition to normal meals, we made 4 gallons of stock (beef and turkey), a consommé, smoked 1 turkey and made a turkey roll with the other, made zucchini bread, yeast rolls, green bean casserole, stuffed yellow squash, braised pearl onions, giblet gravy with brandy, spiced cranberry jelly and this sour cream pumpkin pie. Before you got full on all the other dishes we thought we would feed you this dessert first. 🙂 Continue reading Sour Cream Pumpkin Pie

Happy and Safe Thanksgiving

I realize we haven’t posted anything the last few days but we’ve been very busy prepping for Thanksgiving. We will have lots of recipes and a few stories to share once the dust settles. In the meantime we want to wish ALL of you a very HAPPY AND SAFE THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY!! Enjoy your time with your family and loved ones. We are ever so thankful for you and the friendships we have formed.

I’m sorry but I couldn’t resist. It just hasn’t been Big Bird’s year. 😀