Asian Inspired Red Snapper with Coconut Rice

© 2012

We really enjoy Asian food and the wonderful flavors they can coax out of a dish. The flavors are light and bright yet balanced. Everything is in perfect harmony with each bite you take. This is an Asian inspired dish with wonderfully vibrant flavors we hope you enjoy.

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Red Snapper with Avocado, Orange & Tomato Salad with Warm Mustard Vinaigrette

© 2012

I like Red Snapper. It’s indigenous to the Gulf of Mexico so it’s readily available fresh in Texas. When I was younger and worked in the Oil Patch, when we got off for the day we would go to the Platform base and fish for snapper (actually we fished for anything but caught a lot of red snapper). The snapper would feed at the rigs. It was amazing. They ran on a cycle that was so well timed, you really could set your watch as to when they would be at the rig. I would generally catch 10 – 12 snapper weighing 2 – 4 lbs @ in an hour, filet them, wrap them in foil and freeze them. When I would go home, I would take anywhere from 20 to 40 lbs of red snapper filets with me and have a fish fry on the weekend. It was a blast. Continue reading

Red Snapper with Avocado and Basil Grapefruit Salad and Pine Nuts (Pignoli)

© 2012

I’M BACK!!!!!! (In case you wondered, couldn’t tell or didn’t care. ;)) San Juan was great and we had a blast with new flavors, old favorites and new sites. I love the combination of citrus and seafood. It is a match made in heaven. Continue reading