Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Wishing you and yours a Wonderful and Blessed Holiday Season. We hope you have time to spend with loved ones during this season to share the bonds of friendship and love, to reminisce upon past memories, to share new stories and joys, and to look forward to a happy and prosperous New Year. You all reside in our hearts and are constantly in our thoughts and prayers.





Delightfully Spicy Chicken Casserole My Way

© 2014 REMCooks.com
© 2014 REMCooks.com

Getting back to what we do most here is another wonderfully spicy Mexican/New Mexican/Tex-Mexican/Southwestern style, spicy chicken casserole. There’s a whole lot of flavor packed into this meal and it’s easy to do. Interested???

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Simplehuman – Simply the Best!


Very seldom do I get excited about something and I never endorse products. Any advertisements placed on this blog are put here by WordPress so they can make a few bucks off my work. It’s rather irritating but I agreed to their terms and conditions when I started this blog. This is a food blog so I try to keep it focused on food. With this post, however, I am making the only exception to my unwritten rule.

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Huachinango a la Veracruzana (Red Snapper Veracruz)

© 2014 REMCooks.com
© 2014 REMCooks.com

Another tasty seafood dish for your enjoyment. This is probably my Dad’s favorite Mexican dish. It also is probably the best known Mexican seafood dish. Do you want to learn how to make it?

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